About Us

Photo taken by Ruxy Papineau


We are located on the western slope of Colorado, on Spring Creek Mesa, about 7 miles out of town. The 2 acre farm was first planted in the fall of 2020 and continued into the spring/summer of 2021. However, this wasn't the beginning of iris on the land. 

In 1989-1995, Arlene Eckman started her love for iris planting about 45 varieties of iris. Her daughter, Heather, helped her as she grew up and also fell in love with the iris flower.

 In 2016, the small patch needed to be completely redone because of crab grass and so Heather and her father created the new patch. Arlene was aging and couldn’t manage it, so Heather was given the responsibility to give them life and so the small business started by selling some to keep it tidy and maintained.


In the spring of 2020, Heather was given the opportunity to grow the business and expanded the small patch into 2 acres. In those 2 years, she planted 9,000 rhizomes and about 1,000 different colors. The spring of 2022 was  the first real farm opening with the community being able to walk the rows. 

We have had some ups and downs with winter kill on some iris and replanting, but the field continues to grow. Just as I am growing in the business. 

 I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

~Heather Stark ~ Owner